New Site Look

As you can see, the site has been redesigned with the home page appearing in blog format. All of the former content is still very much available for viewing by selecting the links you see on this page or by accessing through the Sitemap.

If you are wondering about the format change, the purpose is to make the site more interactive as well as attempt to draw together the four county sites — Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden and Hampshire — plus HolyokeMass) I currently maintain. I’d like to hear from readers more often, and also encourage contributions and sharing of Western MA history though photos, stories, biographies, genealogies — whatever you have to offer. With this type of format, it has the potential to become dynamic and interesting.

You will be seeing me add a few posts weekly — bits and blurbs of whatever strikes my fancy — but all related in some way to western Massachusetts.

Thank you — and welcome to the new Western Mass History & Genealogy site!

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