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Marco Commits Suicide at Home

[Adapted from the Springfield Republican, 14 February 1922.]

West Springfield, February 14.—Leon C. Marco, 37, of 20 Irving Street was found dead soon after 7 tonight in the basement of his home by his brother, E. F. Marco. Death was due to a self-inflicted bullet wound, according to the police. Marco was a brakeman on the Boston & Albany and for several days he had been out of work. He is survived by his widow, Eva Frances Marco.

Marco’s brother found the body lying on the floor with a heavy quilt over the head, apparently placed there to deaden the sound of the report. The weapon, a 52-caliber revolver, was nearby. One chamber had been discharged. Sergeant Anton Stipek and Officer William J. Hartley responded to a telephone call from the house about 7:30. The notified Medical Examiner Frederic H. Jones, who declared upon viewing the body that Marco had been dead for five or six hours. The bullet had entered the forehead above the right eye, piercing the brain.


Mrs. Julia Hubbard

[From the Springfield Republican, Feb. 13, 1922.]

Mrs. Julia Hubbard at 89
is one of Brimfield’s Best Informed Voters.