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Raid at Northampton

[Adapted from the Springfield Republican, 12 February 1922.]

Northampton, February 11.—Capt. M. J. Lyons and Officer Henry Hal raided the house of Joseph Zaorski on Walnut street this afternoon and found six quarts of Gordon gin and a quart of moonshine. Zaorski probably will be charged with violation of the liquor laws.


Jitney Cases are Again Continued.

[Adapted from the Springfield Republican, 12 February 1922.]

Chicopee, February 11.—The cases against four jitneymen charges with operating jitneys in Aldenville without licenses which were up in Chicopee police court this morning were again continued to next Saturday. The same procedure occurred last Saturday. There is a large array of witnesses.

The men involved are Edward Tetreault, Eugene Laporte, Adelard Beaudoin and Leo Durocher.


Stabbing Victim Recovers

[Adapted from the Springfield Republican, 07 February 1922.]

Vermont Man Discharged from Hospital
Two Local Men Held.

North Adams, February 6. — Thomas Luczynski, the Stamford, Vt., man who has been in the local hospital for the last week following a stabbing affair in Stamford, was today discharged from the hospital. As a result of the affair in which he received his injuried, Albert Thomason and Fred Thomann of this city will be arraigned in court in Bennington, Vt., to answer to a charge of assault on Luczynski. It is alleged that the men quarrelled over the ownership of a hound dog found at Luczynski’s place. The two local men are said to have claimed it as their own.