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$30,000 Fire in Meehan Block at Pittsfield

[Adapted from the Springfield Republican, 11 Feb 1922.]

Melville Street Building is Badly Damaged—Body
of Woman Removed with Difficulty From Undertaker’s Rooms.

Pittsfield, Feb. 11—Fire which was still burning at 12:30 this morning caused damage estimated at $30,000 to the three-story brick block of James W. Meehan, undertaker, at 20 to 24 Melville Street. Mr. Meehan, his son, William, and an employee, John W. Davis were in the morgue on the first floor preparing the body of Mrs. James C. Brennan of 87 Second street for burial when one of them opened a door leading to the cellar and was met by a great wave of smoke and flame. A telephone alarm was first sent, to the central fire station, and was followed by an alarm from box 42 on the American house corner, and three minutes later by box 372, at the corner of North and Union streets. Twelve lines of hose were laid by the firemen.

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Easthampton Theater Burns

[Adapted from the Springfield Republican, 06 Feb 1922.]

Majestic Movie House Destroyed Early Yesterday Morning — Loss is about $60,000 — Will be Rebuilt.

Easthampton, February 5. — The Majestic Theatre on Cottage Street, owned by Frank H. Roberts, was destroyed by a fire that started this morning at 2, causing a loss of $60,000, partly covered by insurance. The fire was discovered by Arthur Grover, who is employed at the theater, and was on duty as a special police officer last night. Mr. Grover saw smoke coming from the rear of the building and pulled in an alarm. The firemen had a hard fight to prevent the loss of buildings adjacent to the theater and could do little to save more than the walls of the theater. The outside walls are standing, but are in such a condition that they could not be used in rebuilding. The interior is a complete wreck. Henry Walz, who conducts the bowling alley in the basement of the building has a loss of several thousand dollars on the equipment of the alley.

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